Natal Chart

This is the most comprehensive and complete reading. If this is your first reading, this is the one to get. It covers all areas and aspects of your life, past, present and future. There will be a focus on your talents, goals, challenges and the purpose of this lifetime. Before looking at the future Julie will take you backwards in time to understand your choices for this lifetime just before you incarnated. This will make your future predictions more accurate and relate them to the past. That nagging question: “Why Am I Here? will be answered. Also we can answer: “When Am I going To Find That Special Someone, “Should I Find Another Job?, “Why Is My Life So Challenging?, “When Will These Challenges End?

When we take our first breath upon birth, we are each imprinted by encoded energetic waves, determining the structure of our bodies, minds, personalities, past-life history and even potential for development. This Karmic Imprint is a guide or map to the person you chose to be in this incarnation before anyone, including parents, influenced you.

Your natal chart or horoscope is a map that shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets and various energy points with which you were imprinted. It shows your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Karmic gifts and challenges for the present incarnation. However, each one of us is always free to change or build upon these because we have free will. Once we are born, we determine the progress of these gifts and challenges in a manner we choose before our physical incarnation. Events are not set in stone, however, and can be changed for better or worse, at each decision point.

This is a great present for a new child, mother, or other loved one!

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Prediction Consultations

Do you Know WHEN and WHAT to expect for the next twelve months! Find out!  Be prepared for what’s ahead, know what’s going to happen. This will tell you when you can expect windows of opportunity and when to expect challenges so that you will be able to take advantage of current and future events. Generally, this is an update, not the interpretation of the birth chart. This is done every few months to one year. What is the best time for marriage, to buy or sell a home, move to another location, find love, launch a business — all can be determined by your transits. Julie will suggest some strategies on how to address the issues. Or it may be just a general update of ; “What’s happening in my life now and what do I need to pay attention to?” Future predictions for a year, month by month will be covered in detail and any major events in the distant future will be outlined. Once you try it you can keep it going, and it’s easiest to schedule your yearly forecast on your birthday.

Tarot Consultations

The Tarot consultation is combined with the astrology in an energy exchange to obtain a tremendous amount of detail and clarity. We will see the personalities, timing and potential outcomes of your issue(s). It is a tool for personal growth and self-discovery as well as the highest potential outcome for each issue; both those you are aware of and those that are unexpected. You will be able to focus on all areas of your life for your reading – your career, relationships, family, spirituality and finances. I will listen intently, (both to you and your Spirit Guides) and come to know you and your story in a meaningful way. Then you will be given suggestions for concrete actions you can take regarding your situation and the timeline for the related events. Once you are shown the answers, you will be experience relief of confusion, worry and the stress that they cause. In gaining the insight you need, you will feel peace and able to begin moving forward.

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Relationship Consultations

This dual consultation compares the birth charts of two people to determine if you are Soul Mates.  You will get information about when and where you were in relationships in past-lifetimes. What events happened in those lifetimes that effect you now. If you are in a relationship, it will tell you how long it should last, what are the strengths; what are the challenges and how you can make it better. If you are not in a relationship, you will understand when you are likely to meet that special someone and what type person he/she might be.  You will get insights into love and relationship that will help you know how to choose a new partner or understand the dynamics and outcome of a current relationship. You can find out how to resolve issues and create more happiness.  Have I known him/her in another lifetime?

Past-Lifetime and Sacred Contract Consultations

Your past-life information is shown in your natal chart, and is reviewed carefully. When did you die last, who were you? That information leads us to your current life pattern and why you came here. What is Your Soul’s True Purpose. What are the Karmic Choices of your Lifetime Path for this lifetime and where did they originate; What did you come in to learn and achieve? We can see the Karmic emotional traumas you chose to bring in to heal this lifetime and why. Where and when was your most relevant past-lifetime and what gifts/challenges you brought into this life from other incarnations. We can also see the Sacred Agreements you made with other souls with whom you have relationships. What Karmic agreement did you make with your partner, parent or child and why. When do they begin and end? What effect did/do they have on you and your success and happiness as an individual. This information is very healing and inspirational.

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Relocation or Astro*Carto*Graphy Consultations

A relocation chart is a map (generally of the U.S., but it can show anywhere) that shows the orbital tracks of the Sun, Moon and planets over the Earth based on your natal chart. For example, the location on the Earth over which Venus is orbiting will give you the highest potential to be happy, find or improve relationships and just enjoy. The same holds true for Jupiter (money/opportunity), Neptune (spiritual growth), Mars (physical energy) and Pluto (transformation but also danger). This technique allows you to see your most fortunate—and unfortunate—locations at a glance. A relocation consultation will show you where you’re most likely to find romance, business success or failure, good health or spiritual growth. It is especially helpful if you’re planning to move, travel, or expand your business to other areas.

These consultations generally take about 30 minutes.

Astrology & Tarot Combined Consultations

Julie often combines a Tarot consultation with Astrology. This adds a great amount of detail and accuracy to your consultation as each one confirms the other. The individual people in your life are described along with their actions, motives and emotions. We can actually see the energy waves flash between the cards and the astrology to bring remarkable detail.

The result is truly Intuitive Magic.

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