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  • You want in-depth insight about your current questions.
  • You want to know how your past lives are relevant to your current life. 
  • You want to know what the next year will bring you.
  • You want to know when are your optimum times for job change, love and possible relocation.
  • You want to know how you and a significant other relate to each other.
  • You want to know when (and how) do things get better.
  • You want to be able to listen to the consult afterwards.

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I am offering all consults via Zoom to enhance your understanding.  Consults are recorded and the MP4 recording will be emailed to you after the consult. You can then listen to it on your computer or iPod. This is important because you will have it for future reference. It is a conversation with your Spiritual Guides, you, and me with God’s guidance.

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Many people who live on Earth now are Volunteer Souls who have incarnated on Earth at this time to help raise the vibration of the planet and its inhabitants by their actions. Many people are “waking up” to their full potential for these actions. This “awakening” is often stressful and confusing, activating big changes in your life. I am here to help you find your way. In the initial minutes of each consultation, I want to know from you what your questions or issues are. The primary purpose of each consultation is to help you with what you are currently going through or trying to understand. What crises, question or chaos is upsetting you.  We will see how to rectify it.

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Well!! April is going to bring in a lot of positive changes, but it will be chaotic. Just take extra care of yourself and try to roll with it!

April – the month when the spring sun brings energy not only to nature, but also subconsciously to all people. Just a look at nature itself has a very positive effect on your mood. This month is often described as very happy. And the planets confirm this saying with their advantageous (although somewhat chaotic) positions.
We have Venus coming into Aries from April 5th to the 29th. During this time, you may tend to make impulsive decisions – with your heart. When it comes to love and relationships, you become unstoppable in your efforts, sometimes even uncompromising.
Mercury will go retrograde on April 1st until April 26th, and it will be in Aries from the 10th to the 15th. In this period, your thinking will be decisive, which will be a great advantage for solving any kind of problems. But you need to wait until after April when Mercury goes direct, to act on those decisions.
OF COURSE THE BIG NEWS IS THE APRIL 8 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, which is getting a lot of attention because of the spectacle it’s expected to create. But the eclipse action actually began on March 25, 2024, a Lunar Eclipse at the Libra full moon! We have been in a cycle of eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis. These are the zodiac signs that rule war and peace, themes that have rocked the world (and probably each of us) over the past year-plus. Aries is ruled by combative Mars, Libra by conciliatory Venus. They’ve arrived to help us work through that balance. It’s been a tricky operation, but there’s still time, and the opportunity to spread peace exists at the individual level too.
Individually, the Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25 was a wakeup call for all of us to examine our relationships, and how well we coexist with people who might have very different values and agendas than our own.
Individually and collectively, the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse can set each of us on a new path that we hadn’t imagined for ourselves. It brings unexpected events, opportunities, accelerates decisions, and acts as a catalyst for change. Although it can bring chaotic energy, it activates opportunities to heal and clear old energies. This most powerful of all new and full moons only happens when those potent energy gates known as the Moon’s Nodes line up with the Sun, the Moon, and our own beautiful Earth. When they do they realign you with the destiny your chose before you incarnated.
But there’s more, the dwarf planet Chiron sits right next to the Solar Eclipse! Chiron (the “wounded healer”) helps us unlock the wisdom gained from our hardships. So set your intentions for the next six months and get into action. Challenge yourself to shine in new ways and be open to major personal growth.
There is another event on April 21st that will be very impactful. The outer planets of Jupiter and Uranus come together in conjunction. Jupiter, in astrology, is our planet of expansion. It magnifies and expands whatever it touches. It brings opportunity and hope as it travels in our skies. Uranus is our planet of change. It is the lightning bolt cracking open what no longer works for us so that new things can be planted. The meeting of these two planets is a spark of innovative, abundant (sometimes disrupting) new energies in each person’s natal chart house. Collectively, it invites a new wave of freedom, societal change, and evolution. There can also be a deeply spiritual energy to this transit, as if there are spiritual hands opening doors to support us on our unique journeys. Note that these energies will be active not just on April 20th, the day of the conjunction, but from April 3 to May 7, 2024.

So use this month to lean into the idea of allowing personal changes to take place so deeply that it is truly like dying to yourself, only to be reborn. Maybe put a little attention onto what changes need to continue and deepen. MANY BLESSINGS, SIGHTED ASTROLOGY, JULIE

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Wanting more information about a Special Someone? This is a perfect time to get a RELATIONSHIP CONSULTATION. This dual consultation compares the birth charts of two people to determine if you are compatible/soul mates.  You will get information about when and where you were in relationships in past-lifetimes. What events happened in those lifetimes that effect you now. If you are in a relationship, it will tell you how long it should last, what are the strengths; what are the challenges and how you can make it better. If you are not in a relationship, you will understand when you are likely to meet that special someone and what type person he/she might be.  You will get insights into love and relationship that will help you know how to choose a new partner or understand the dynamics and outcome of a current relationship. You can find out how to resolve issues and create more happiness.  Have I known him/her in another lifetime?

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Learn the basics of astrology in “fun” and “personalized” online Zoom lessons that includes practical, insightful teaching using your own natal chart. You’ll learn the ability to interpret your birth chart (or others, children, partners) and be able to determine anyone’s character, potential and challenges. Since initially we will be working with your natal chart, these are private lesson/consults tailored just for you. You will be provided with a beginning reading list and economical software application suggestions.  Learn about the basic structure of a birth chart – planets, signs and houses. You’ll know, after only a few weeks, how to quickly assess a birth chart with a good level of confidence.

 Set up your consult by emailing me at; [email protected]