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You want a private consultation if:

  • You want in-depth insight about your current questions.
  • You want to know how your past lives are relevant to your current life. 
  • You want to know what the next year will bring you.
  • You want to know when are your windows of opportunity for job change, love and possible relocation.
  • You want to know how you and a significant other relate to each other.
  • You want to know, if life is hard now, when does it get better.
  • You want to be able to listen to the reading afterwards.

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I record all readings and will email the MP3 file to you after the reading. You can then listen to it on your computer or iPod. This is important because you will have it for future reference. It is a conversation with your Spiritual Guides, you, and me with God’s guidance.

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What Do You Want to Learn From A Consultation?

Many people who live on Earth now are Volunteer Souls who have incarnated on Earth at this time to help raise the vibration of the planet and its inhabitants by their actions. Many people are “waking up” to their full potential for these actions. This “awakening” is often stressful and confusing, activating big changes in your life. I am here to help you find your way. In the initial minutes of each consultation, I want to know from you what your questions or issues are. The primary purpose of each consultation is to help you with what you are currently going through or trying to understand. What crises, question or chaos is upsetting you.

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CHANGES, yes more !!

We all will be continuing to experience long-term changes this month of November. We’re right in the middle of Eclipse season which impacts all signs. Remember eclipses bring new of big changes in your life. A Lunar Eclipse will occur in Taurus on November 8 (Yes, that day!) and aligns with chaotic Uranus, triggering upheaval.  As to the particular kind of chaos it may be for you depends on where the Taurus/Scorpio axis falls in your natal chart. Generally, some things in our life need to go away to make room for new things to come in. While we might resist this change out of fear or uncertainty it is clear that the universe is intent on moving you forward. Uranus will bounce any obstacles right off your path (being willing to change makes it easier). That together with several other difficult aspects (Neptune square Mars = confusion) and some soft and healing (Neptune conjunct Jupiter, trine Venus) will generate these changes and then healing.




Wanting more information about a Special Someone? This is a perfect time to get a RELATIONSHIP CONSULTATION. This dual consultation compares the birth charts of two people to determine if you are compatible/soul mates.  You will get information about when and where you were in relationships in past-lifetimes. What events happened in those lifetimes that effect you now. If you are in a relationship, it will tell you how long it should last, what are the strengths; what are the challenges and how you can make it better. If you are not in a relationship, you will understand when you are likely to meet that special someone and what type person he/she might be.  You will get insights into love and relationship that will help you know how to choose a new partner or understand the dynamics and outcome of a current relationship. You can find out how to resolve issues and create more happiness.  Have I known him/her in another lifetime?

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Are you going to be a new parent, grandparent or friend of a new parent?  Once you know the new baby’s birth information, we can calculate a BabyScope for your new one. The baby horoscope will be of great use to parents in order to help them better understand their baby, toddler or child. Not as the basis for any action or judgment, but instead a guide through the child’s development – helping parents better understand the child’s temperament, talents and challenges throughout their lifetime.

It will make it easier for the parents to understand their child’s traits, strengthen the positive traits and assist with the child’s challenges. (BTW we all have strengths and challenges). The relationship between parent and child can be strengthened. Even an older child or young adult will be happy to read through their own child horoscope and to read again and again what characteristics and talents they possess interpret what it means to them personally.

Just contact me by email and I will provide a BabyScope Gift Certificate for you to present to the new parent.  They will be surprised and delighted with your unique gift.