Thank the Creator and all the Angels.  We made it to March!  After what we have all been through this last year, including the Ice Apocalypse!  We are done with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto nastiness.  Whew!  Take a breath and let the healing wash over you for a few weeks.  Now we have the healing planets coming together, Jupiter with Mercury and Neptune with Venus, making a wonderful, QUIET healing energy.  Shedding wounds and scars from old emotional baggage.  Bask in this for a little while and then join us as we all get to work making progress.  Jupiter in Aquarius will bring on a time of opportunity and growth throughout 2021 while Uranus dismantles the old and Saturn rebuilds new structures. We need to be adaptable and open-minded. Don’t get stuck into how it HAS to be and how it all WAS. Those things don’t apply anymore. We are karmically being asked to grow beyond our triggers and stuckness and to change our negative rhetoric to ourselves and any unwillingness to change.  We will feel the effects of the Saturn-Uranus square throughout 2021 but particularly when they were exact in February, and now in June and December. As resistance meets radical progressive change, don’t let yourself be pulled into the storm, but use the energies to put real distance between anything that’s holding you back and create the new.  This is a time of radical self-love and reinvention.