September starts off confusing us all with quick moving inner planets making waves.  We start with the normally action of Mars being “dissolved” by opposing Neptune (formless). You might experience some inertia and a lack of direction.  But it will give you a chance to catch up on your rest and make some decisions about matters that have been nagging you.  It pulls off by September 7th but is a valuable exercise because at the end of this first phase we get Mercury (communication) coming into a quick trine (positive angle) to Saturn (responsibility), helping us make better decisions. On the 6th, Venus (love) squares Pluto (sex, transformation) and trines Jupiter (abundance), and Mars trines Pluto. Suddenly, there is intensity and power again. This intensity continues through the rest of September. Venus enters Scorpio on September 10, increasing intensity in sexual and relationship issues and then squares Saturn on the 17th. It could be a frustrating few days, revealing who is willing and able to make necessary changes.  By the time Mercury turns retrograde on September 27, you’ll be ready to find the balance you are searching for.  All five of the slow-moving outer planets are still retrograde, making it a good time to slow down and look at your life from a cool-headed, objective distance. At least until October, when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all turn direct, when we all spring back into action.