HAPPY 2023!

We are coming into a big shift for humanity in 2023. Although it may not feel like it until February.  As the year begins, it may feel like we’re headed in the wrong direction, since Mars was retrograde until January 12, and Mercury until January 18. It can feel like a sigh of relief once they start to move in the right direction again, especially after such a messy end to 2022. In fact, using the last two weeks to reflect and integrate all the new changes in our lives might be the best use of our time. Three outer planets – Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter — all switch signs this year, setting us up for some personal, cultural, and political shifts. While these transitions can lead to uncertainty in our lives, they can also help us find more solid ground.

The next few years we will witness massive shifts around social justice, community, and technology. If we focus on the outer world there will be many dramatic and distracting events to deal with, but if we focus on our inner world and love then life starts to become simpler.  Just keep coming back to the energies of love and gratitude in your life.

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