We began May 2023 in the depths of the Eclipse Gateway. Eclipses are a highly transformative time, a Spiritual Gateway, signifying a shift from one chapter of our lives to the next. The May 5 Lunar Eclipse was across Taurus-Scorpio, its effect lasts SIX MONTHS. This polarity deals with the balance between what is mine (Taurus) and what is yours (Scorpio). For Six Months the May 5 Lunar Eclipse will continue to highlight where you seek the most control and authority in your life.  And it is almost certain to be something very unexpected; it is opposite Uranus (chaos.)  It is a time of release, what you’re called to set free now will be deeply transformative.

Pluto stationed retrograde on May 1 and Mercury goes direct on May 14.  These are indicators of reflection and rethinking. Having these two powerful retrogrades taking place during the Eclipse Gateway feels like a signal from the Universe to go within, slow down, and really digest and integrate the energies that are unfolding.

Jupiter also moves out of fiery Aries, into grounded Taurus on May 16. Jupiter spends about 12 months in each zodiac sign, so its move is said to mirror the theme of the year ahead. Jupiter in Taurus is set to shine a spotlight on our finances, the financial industry, and individual instances of treating/being treated fairly. Taurus is also a sign connected to indulgence, abundance, and steady growth. As Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, all these themes can be amplified under this new placement.

May 2023 is a power month and likely to be a turning point for many of us. Listen and trust your intuition. Allow it to be your guide as you move through whatever the month brings.  Trust Yourself!

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