Are you going to be a new parent, grandparent or friend of a new parent?  Once you know the new baby’s birth information, we can calculate a BabyScope for your new one. The baby horoscope will be of great use to parents in order to help them better understand their baby, toddler or child. Not as the basis for any action or judgment, but instead a guide through the child’s development – helping parents better understand the child’s temperament, talents and challenges throughout their lifetime.

It will make it easier for the parents to understand their child’s traits, strengthen the positive traits and assist with the child’s challenges. (BTW we all have strengths and challenges). The relationship between parent and child can be strengthened. Even an older child or young adult will be happy to read through their own child horoscope and to read again and again what characteristics and talents they possess interpret what it means to them personally.

Just contact me by email and I will provide a BabyScope Gift Certificate for you to present to the new parent.  They will be surprised and delighted with your unique gift.